Cormoran Smoking Oven XL, Stainless Steel, up to 6 Trouts


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CORMORAN Smoking Oven: simple and delicious


3 large burning pots
easy handling
Also suitable for indoor
up to 6 Trouds
Size: outside: 50x26x12cm inside: 47x23x10cm


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Smoking: simple and delicious

Whether it´s used in the open air or at home, the Super Smoker is quick to assemble and in no time produces deliciously smoked food. Can smoke up to 6 trout at the same time on 2 levels. 3 large heat sources distribute the heat evenly and constantly. The lid can be closed tightly.

You can smoke up to 6 trout’s at the same time. If you have a larger fish, please remove one of the gratings.

In order to avoid drops penetrating the smoking powder, insert the steel plate on the smoking powder.

3 big burnpots will ensure constant heat. The caps are to extinguish the fire.

The lid at the smoker is well shutting. Therefore you can use the smoker easily in the garden or on the terrace.

To receive the optimum temperature, please place the smoker sheltered from wind.

Caution: Please do not fill denatured alcohol in the burnpot when the fire is still on!

Size: outside: 50x26x12cm inside: 47x23x10cm

Easy smoking!

Smoking is an old method to keep the fish fresh and to make a fine delicacy. A must for every professional angler who fishes at home and does not want to have fried fish on the menu. Mainly fat fish like eel, trout, mackerel and herring are smoked. Other fish like perches and codfish can also be smoked. These fish should be eaten freshly, because they do not have a high amount of fat and dry out easily.
It does not matter which smoking meal is used. We offer 4 different combinations: the popular house blend, pure beech meal, pure oak meal, pure alder meal. All are packed in 500g.

That´s the way it is done:

Firstly the fish must be cleaned and freed from blood and slime. It is better to remove the gills. For salting the fish I use a brine with 40 to 50gr salt per litre. It must be a good brine. At least 1 liter brine for 1 kilogram fish and the fish must always be covered with the brine. The fish should remain 7 to 12 hours in the brine depending on the size of the fish. Following salt for brine we´ve available: herbs of the Provence, juniper, puszta magic, scandic spice, seafood mackerel/herring, trout. Or for dry spicing our smoking spice salt.

Smoking with this table oven is practical and simple. You do not have to dry the fish and hang them up. But with this oven the fish dry best, when they are already dry. Salt the fish like described. In the beginning please fill some table spoons of smoking powder in each of the troughs on the smoker´s bottom. Following put the steel plate (legs down) over. Now you can place the fish on the gratings. Close the lid from the smoker and lock the side bails. Fill both of the burnpots with denatured alcohol, put them in the bottom part and light them. Put the smoker now on the bottom part. As soon as the burnpots have burned out the fish is ready. A real good alternative to a barbecue!
Smoking is no witchcraft and no science. Just try. If it does not work the first time, then the next time you will manage for sure.
Have fun and enjoy your meal – your Fishernator Team

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