DELKIM Safe-DTM v.2 , Carbon Snag Bars (Txi-D Version), DD009


Quick Overview

Unique Bracket Design – Rugged nylon fixed replacement battery door that incorporates the carbon support brackets.


Unique holder design
Carbon Fibre Uprights
No Additional Attachments
Designed to fit Txi-D Delkim alarms


The Delkim Safe-D™ Carbon Snag Bars are a bespoke design, dedicated exclusively for attachment to Txi-D Delkim bite alarms. They help prevent the rod from pulling out the alarm in the event of an extreme take. Particularly useful when fishing locked up or in the margins at rights angles to the alarm.
Unique Holder Design – Fixed replacement battery door moulded in tough nylon, that has the holders for the carbon uprights built in. The carbon uprights can then be added or removed as required. The door remains in place still allowing fitting of Delkim Hard cases.
Carbon Fibre Uprights – Manufactured in tubular Carbon Fibre, with stainless caps and nylon sliders. Giving light weight but high strength.
No Additional Attachments – The uprights fit in the replacement battery door so there are no additional attachments around base of the alarm.
Available to fit Txi-D Delkim alarms.

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AT: 1-2 working days remaining EU: 2-4 working days


2 years warranty



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within 24 hours

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