SHIMANO S.T.C. Dualtip, Boat- and spinning fishing rod 3.00m / 28g – 300g


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The STC Dual Tip was developed to give the angler as many possibilities with one rod as possible.


Length: 3.00/2.40 meter , 9.84/7.87 feet
Casting Weight: 28-122/150-300 gram , 0.99-4.30/5.29-10.58 ounce
Parts: 5+2 , Guides: 14
Weight: 288/308 gram , 10.16/10.86 ounce
Transport length: 65 centimenter / 2.13 feet

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The STC Dual Tip is designed to give the angler as many possibilities with one rod as possible.
With the option of a second tip, you have two rods in one – with two different casting weights and lengths!
This makes it the ideal rod to discover new territory. Perfect for places where you don’t know what to expect.
Imagine sitting on a 250 cm long rod fishing for mullet and suddenly passing a school of robbing sea bass.
With a simple handle, the rod is remounted and is now perfectly suited for artificial lure fishing for the aggressive and powerful predators.
Everything is possible – with one rod!
STC Dual Tip Boat:
The STC Dual Tip Boat are heavy rods that leave many options open to the angler. By being able to change the tips of the rods, a 240 cm 150-300g boat rod turns into a 300 cm rod with 28-122g casting weight, perfect for fishing from shore.
The series is completed by the STC PowerGame Boat, which can switch from a PowerGame 240 cm rod with a casting weight of 40-120g to a heavy 250-300g boat rod, which is perfect for jigging or fishing with pieces of fish and dead bait fish.
There’s no need to carry two rods around when different fishing techniques are required – one STC Dual Tip is enough!
The STC Dual Tip Boat is the perfect solution for all anglers who want to travel, fish flexibly, but don’t want to leave so much space in their suitcase on the fishing tackle.

Additional information



Delivery Time

AT: 1-2 working days remaining EU: 2-4 working days


2 years warranty

Rod Length

3m / 9.84ft

Length In Meter


Castingweight In G / Oz

28-300g / 0.99-10.58oz



No Of Guides


Transport Length In Cm / Ft

65cm / 2.13ft

Leadtime To Ship:

in 2-3 days

Net Weight (Kg)



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