Shimano Tribal Trench Gear Calming Recovery Sling, 120x60cm, SHTTG21


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This Shimano Tribal Trench Calming Weighing Bag is a waterproof bag that includes a retention feature to soothe the fish.


Dimension: 120 x 60cm
Watertight bag
Fish calming retention sacking
Cord, Float and Bankstick attachment
Hi vis reflective tape on Floats


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As OCD, Organized Compact Design, Shimano refers to an innovative system that includes, among other things, basic equipment pockets with the extra matching accessory bags offers, which can even be combined with each other on request.
With the OCD system from Shimano you can put together your individually required bags for each fishing trip separately.

This Shimano Tribal Trench Calming weighing bag/recovery sling is a waterproof bag and includes a retention function to soothe the fish.
Furthermore, the bag has various attachment options for cords, floats and bank sticks.
In addition, the weighing bag is equipped with a reflective tape on the float.

Technical details:
Dimensions: 120 x 60cm

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Accessory bags




Shimano Tribal Trench Gear

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