WÜSTHOF GOURMET, black, Knife set, 60-9281


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The GOURMET kitchen knife set offers excellent conformity and an extraordinary kitchen experience with our two classics for hobby as well as professional chefs.


Handle Material: Riveted plastic
Usable for: Fish, meat, vegetables, cabbage, herbs, fruit, lettuce heads
Useful for: Small vegetables , Small fruit
Type of use: chopping, cutting, weighing
Type of use: cutting
Hardness grade paring knife: 56 HRC
Blade length paring knife: 9 cm
Blade length Santoku: 17 cm

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What the chef’s knife is to European cuisines, the santoku is to Japan and Asia as a whole. It is so versatile in shape, weight and cut that it can be used for weighing and chopping herbs, vegetables and fruit as well as for preparing fish and meat. The sharp blade of a santoku allows fine to wafer-thin slices, making it indispensable in kitchens around the world.
The classic and all-rounder – ideal for chopping, cleaning and decorating fruit and vegetables. With its short blade and handy shape, the paring knife is a universal kitchen tool. Cleaning carrots, peeling apples, chopping shallots – it can do many and many things really well. Together with a chef’s knife and bread knife, the paring knife is the basic equipment for every food fan.

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